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Val Roy

Video: One-Man Show

This short video is from my one-man show that runs through May 21st at the Cultural Center.

Video: Val Roy Gerischer at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod

More photos coming from the show.


Hello world! My name is Val Roy Gerischer

I am an artist in love with beautiful and strange things. I hope that you can see that in my work. Shown above is my mixed media piece, Icarus. He is 8 X 8 Inches and the cost is $200.00. I created this piece using an antiquated and obsolete art program to create a layered surrealistic image that draw and paint on. Icarus has layers of artistic anatomy, old painted surfaces and bird wings that I find and photograph. I am happy to use sources from millions of photos online, my own photos and others from my collection. 

Let me know what you think.

Icarus cropped gay male nude
Icarus – detail
Lukas Angel
Icarus – Val Roy Gerischer

This piece is currently part of my one-man show at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod in South Yarmouth through May 21,, 2022. Prints are available on Etsy.