OctoGeisha is the Queen of her underwater domain.

The Geisha/Oiran/Doll/Starlet Series features entertainers obsessed with artifice. They stare at us through painted eyes, mocking us with their painted lips. They stun us with their elaborate hairpins and kimonos.

I use a layered collage process in creating these portraits. I combine different photographs in layers on my computer and print them. I then add pencil, paint, glazes, pens, and sometimes decorative papers.

In these surreal portraits, the foreground and background sometimes merge and flip back and forth—the model blends with her surroundings. I see towering cities in some of these faces, my mother-in-law in another, and unwritten stories in others. Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard haunts the starlet pieces. In OctoGeisha, a creature we’ve never seen before stares at us from the paper. In Umbrella Girl, the face emerges from a sea of bamboo and umbrellas.

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